Financial Planning


Our approach starts with an initial, complimentary review of your overall objectives and current financial position to determine how we might help and what we would charge for the financial planning component of our work together.


Next we collect the necessary documents to create a comprehensive financial plan of action that includes your lifetime cash flow projections, as well as probability testing on multiple scenarios  that drive all of the recommendations. 

Portfolio Management


Applying a systematic approach to fund selection and rebalancing, we allocate your portfolio according to your objectives and risk tolerance using only sustainable, responsible, impact investments that score in the top of their peer group.


For accounts over $1 million, we reduce internal portfolio management costs by diversifying with individual stocks and bonds rather than mutual funds. We utilize individual impact, municipal bond issues and invest with some of the foremost institutional ESG sub-account managers.

Impact Investments


Focusing on what's important to you, we orient your portfolio in a way that is prudent and financially sophisticated, not only aimed at achieving your financial goals but also incorporating your impact objectives.


We provide access to cutting edge products such as pooled debt funds issuing global loans to social enterprises, renewable energy lease strategies, targeted community investment notes, and other themed impact funds that have previously only been available to the wealthiest families and institutions.


Annual Reviews


At least once a year we schedule a comprehensive review of your portfolio, tax strategy, balance sheet and cash flow projections in conjunction with your overall objectives.


Recommendations for changes are made in this context along with the current market conditions. Tactics to consider generally include Roth conversions, tax lot sales to harvest gains or losses, Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) or charitable donations.



Quarterly Reporting

Your quarterly performance report includes not only financial returns, but many investments are now including reports on their environmental and social impact. It is expected that, as impact measurements become more standardized, we will be able to track the total impact of your whole portfolio over time along with the financial returns.


Online Access

You can access all of your accounts through us from one secure login from our website, allowing you 24/7 access to comprehensive reports on your cash flow, savings returns, balance sheets, and more.




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