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Managed Money...


Do you want to know your money is being looked after, calculated, measured, and maneuvered for efficiency?


Our portfolio management services include a thorough due diligence process, starting with the entire universe of sustainable, responsible impact investments. We utlize a systematic approach to fund selection and rebalancing, allocating portfolios strategically according to each individual account's objectives and the investor's tolerance for volatility.


In addition to our portfolio's strategic core allocation, we supplement with tactical fund weightings based on a combination of annual market speculation and long-term thesis such as renewable energy or clean water. We use only sustainable, responsible, impact investments that score in the top of their peer group (see our blog post about our process for more info).

For accounts over $1M, we're able to diversify without mutual funds and will often invest with Subaccount Managers and individual municipal bond positions in order to reduce your ongoing portfolio management costs.