Impact Investors has a long lineage of socially responsible investment professionals at its epicenter.

We formed in late 2014 as the result of a failed succession plan that was ten years in the making. Since then, we have completed three acquisitions and two mergers of fellow industry veteran practices, successfully transitioning over 95% of the clients, while honing our succession team and process.

We pursue these opportunities because core to the vision of who we are and why we exist, is the idea that, in order for our industry to be effective, we must connect across generations to foster the ongoing evolution and growth of the field.

In our opinion, responsible investors are a necessary component to any healthy financial system. Unfortunately, as the industry has gained traction in recent years, many mainstream investment firms are now aggressively pursuing market share in this space, promoting watered-down versions of thinly-screened portfolios with no shareholder engagement, threatening the authenticity and effectiveness of the responsible investment profession.

If we can build a firm with integrity that helps bridge the pioneering advisors and their clients, with the next generation of up-and-coming talented professionals who are excited to take the torch, and thereby support the ongoing intentions and impact of the field, we believe it will be an important and significant contribution.

Interested in joining a dynamic and committed team with aspirations to make the world a better place?

Please see the following list of job opportunities and let us know if you might be a good fit:


*Note that all positions are remote, offer generous benefits, and base compensation packages on the candidates level of experience and dedication. We value diversity and are an equal opportunity employer.

Impact Investors, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisory firm (CRD #289028) specializing in Sustainable, Responsible, Impact (SRI) investing. We provide individuals, families and organizations with a team-based, comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory service, by integrating our client's impact objectives with their financial goals into an overall wealth management strategy. Please review our Disclosures or Contact Us with questions. Copyright © 2020 Impact Investors. All rights reserved.