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9 Things Beginner Investors Should Know About Impact Investing

US News & World Report July 18, 2019

Investing for impact doesn’t mean you have to accept lower investment returns. “We now have over 40 years of research that dispel any myth that you lose money by also considering your values while investing,” says Renee Morgan, impact director at Impact Investors

... read more

Trump creates positive effect on socially responsible investing

CNBC April 23, 2019

Donald Trump’s surprising ascent to president of the United States has brought many unexpected effects to the financial markets. Ironically, one has been a rapid increase in interest and adoption of impact investing and other types of values-based investing.

Impact investing, or values-based investing, is a type of investing that helps people and/or organizations align their investments with their personal values. There are many varieties of this type of investing, and it goes by many names, including socially responsible investing and green investing... read more

In a search for fixed income, advisors look beyond mainstream bond funds

CNBC March 19, 2019

Fixed income can also be achieved through socially responsible securities such as private debt impact notes, which provide loans for social enterprises or green projects. Funding may go to domestic or international projects and can be spread among thousands of loans, said Shane Yonston, CFP and principal advisor with Impact Investors, who has used these for about 15 years.


“I might use several in a portfolio for funds a client doesn’t need to touch, not adding up to more than 15 percent of the portfolio,” Yonston said. “It’s good to spread your fixed-income bucket across different classes, whether international or domestic, amount of liquidity, various micro-loans."... read more

More investors stock up on non-traditional bonds and strategies

CNBC March 11, 2019

Looking to support environmental and social change in a proactive way, Shane Yonston, CFP, principal advisor with Impact Investors, works with so-called green bonds or climate bonds that are linked to environmental projects. These municipal bonds are issued to address activities such as land conservation, environmental cleanups and renewable energy and provide tax-free returns along with a social impact."... read more

Private equity opportunities rise in high-net-worth sector

CNBC December 4, 2017

Access to private plays for accredited investors have increased in recent years, and some financial advisors are using this as a point of differentiation for their practices.


"This is just the beginning," said Eric Mancini, certified financial planner and wealth advisor with Traphagen Financial Group. "It's only in the last couple of years we're seeing any sustained push from [private equity] companies."... read more

Innovative approaches to protecting retiree portfolios


CNBC April 17, 2017

Once you've stopped working, what steps can be taken to protect your retirement portfolio? Financial advisors offered several innovative approaches


Structured notes. "We have been utilizing structured notes since the financial crisis of 2008 as a 'portfolio repair and recovery' strategy and now as a 'hedging solution' for our clients' portfolios," more

Impact investing: Put your money where your values are


CNBC May 10, 2016

Momentum is growing, especially among millennials, to put your money where your values are. Spotlighting this trend is the recent Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, through which 31-year-old Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan, also 31, have pledged $45 billion to improve the world.


This altruistic interest is being reflected in the fast-growing socially responsible investing universe, which has evolved from primarily positive or negative screening of investments to also include so-called impact investments... read more

Are Millennials More Risk-Averse Than Other Investors?


CNBC August 12, 2015

Are millennials risk-averse? Well, yes and no.


"Yes, absolutely," said Marguerita Cheng, certified financial planner and CEO of Blue Ocean Global Wealth. "I don't like to generalize, but I have witnessed this firsthand.


"Some younger investors … are extremely risk averse because they have seen their parents lose their jobs, lose equity in their homes and experience stock market declines... read more

Careful Planning Can Ease Retirement's Health Costs


CNBC January 20, 2015

The potential health-care costs during retirement can seem pretty daunting, but don't despair. According to a Fidelity Investments study, a 65-year-old couple in 2014 would have needed $220,000 to cover health-care costs during the course of their retirement, not including skilled nursing care. The average cost for nursing-home care is about $81,000 per year, with an average nursing home stay of 2.6 years for a typical female elderly patient and 2.3 years for a male, according to a report from the American Council of Life Insurers... read more

You Can Have it All: Investing in Ways that Make You Feel Good


CNBC October 26, 2014

The opportunity to invest in a socially responsible way is making a growing number of investors—and their financial advisors—very happy. Socially responsible investing, often called SRI, refers to "investments or investment strategies that seek to generate a financial return and positive environmental  and social benefits," according to the Calvert Foundation... read more

How to Avoid Estate, Will Blunders

CNBC June 28, 2014

Dan Chilton's elderly mother thought she would minimize future dissent among her nine heirs when she updated her will in the early 2000s. Instead, the family unit has imploded since her passing in 2011.


There were two main culprits. First, the ambiguity of the will language pitted the executors' unassailable discretion against the rest of the heirs. And second... read more

Yonston Awarded 40 Under 40 Honor


San Diego Metropolitan September 8, 2009

After writing his senior thesis at UC Santa Barbara on economic development in Latin America, traveling through Africa and interning in Washington, D.C., Shane Johnston decided that he wanted a career dedicated to reversing the unsustainable “race to the bottom” that he saw in an increasingly deregulated global system where environmental and labor standards continually plummet. As a financial adviser and partner.​.. read more

Five Things You Need to Know About Winning the Lottery


San Diego Union Tribune August 28, 2009

It's normal to dream about winning the lottery. The mansions you'd buy, the friends you'd help, the jobs you'd quit. With the Mega Millions reaching $333 million, fantasizing has reached a fever pitch. What would you do if you held the winning ticket for the Aug. 28 drawing? After the euphoria, screeching and fainting, that is. Here are some steps to take... read more

Taking a Broad View of 'Environmentally Friendly'


Investment News August 4, 2008

Demand for "green" investing is growing, studies show, but opinions vary widely on what makes an investment green. Of the 15 largest environmentally oriented mutual funds offered in the United States, nine focus on either alternative energy or water (InvestmentNews, June 2). However, a growing number of investment venues are employing a broader approach to green... read more

Yonston Speaks on Carbon Emissions Trading
Investment News March 31, 2008

The fight against global warming is making carbon emissions the hot new commodity. According to a February report from New Carbon Finance, a research provider for global carbon markets based in London, the United States could have a $1 trillion domestic carbon emissions market by 2020 if it develops a comprehensive "cap and trade" program... read more

Assets Jump 18% in Socially Conscious Investments


Investment News March 10, 2008

A growing desire among investors to align their portfolios with their personal and political beliefs is transforming the financial services landscape and creating opportunities and challenges for financial advisers. “I have to admit, the recent popularity of socially responsible investing is sort of astounding,”... read more

Yonston Organizes City Panel on Sustainability


City of San Diego August 16, 2007

San Diego, CA - Shane Yonston orgainzed a city-wide, multi-sector discussion featuring San Diego's City Attorney who moderated, along with several business and academic leaders sharing their perspective and money-making solutions to issues such as access to clean water, clean technology, waste management, responsible investing and green building... read more 

Contrarian Investing and SRI


SocialFunds April 10, 2006

SRI practitioners say that the contrarian focus on long-term prospects and overall health of a company suggest yes, while its focus on timing suggests maybe no. Contrarian investing capitalizes on human frailty--namely, that people tend to overreact. In the marketplace, investors often flee companies experiencing relatively minor problems even though they are sound from a long-term perspective. Contrarian investors take advantage of such short-sightedness by buying the stocks when they are undervalued, anticipating that their valuation will rise when the market recognizes their worth more accurately... read more

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