Real Impact

Across all asset classes in every account under our management, we integrate our client's intentions by adhering to their core values, investing responsibly, and seeking out ways to make profits along with real impact.

Core Impact Criteria
Our clients have an opportunity to express their investment intentions by selecting the core criteria that best reflect their priorities.

  • Fossil Fuel Free: No investments with any revenue or products generated/sold by or to the oil and gas industry. Seek investments in the clean energy sector.

  • Women's Equity: No investments in organizations with all-male boards. Seek investments where women have ownership and serve in decision making positions.

  • Economic Justice: No investments in companies with egregiously overpaid CEOs, replace big banks with regional banks. Seek investments in companies scoring high on median worker pay and sectors that help support a healthy middle-class.

  • Racial Justice: No prisons, no migrant border detention, no predatory lending. Seek investments in affordable housing, black-owned businesses, best-in-class education, and companies with formal diversity commitments.

  • Socially Responsible: No weapons or military contractors, no tobacco or gambling, no social media or junk food, no mining, no Palestine-Israel conflict. Seek investments in mission driven enterprises.

Shareholder Engagement
As responsible investors, we support shareholder campaigns that seek to influence corporate policies with an aim to improve both the financial well-being of the investment, as well as its overall impact in the world. The following themes generally represent current campaigns we support:

  • Climate Change

  • Waste & Pollution

  • Labor Force & Economic Justice

  • Consumer Health & Safety

  • Gender & Diversity

  • Education & Ethical Media


By leveraging shareholder advances that competitor companies have adopted, our strategy seeks to create sea changes within industries where healthier standards can be implemented across the market to the benefit of all stakeholders. Please contact us for sample past resolution letters that we've signed, to give you an idea of how these engagements can take shape.

High Impact Direct Investments
We mobilize private capital to address some of the world's most pressing social and environmental challenges, while seeking financial returns for our investors. We believe that risks are reduced, and opportunities increase when financial returns are adjusted to account for environmental and social impacts. Companies are more resilient when they understand their impact on all stakeholders instead of pursuing only a short-term, extractive financial return to shareholders.

We hold the vision of a society that is sustainable and humane.  We use the following principles to facilitate where we believe our private capital will best be allocated to fulfill this vision:


  • We operate with the values of honesty, transparency, wisdom, and courage.

  • We seek positive financial returns on investments aligned with one or more environmental and/or social justice impact themes, including but not limited to sustainable agriculture, addressing climate issues, racial and gender equity, reducing the wealth gap and supporting education.

  • Preference is given to investments in organizations that may have difficulty accessing capital, as opposed to well-established companies and industries that have reliable sources of funding.

  • Emphasis is placed on the potential impact capacity of the underlying investment.

  • We are open to financially prudent investments in non-profits, co-ops, and other entities with innovative ownership structures that seek to benefit all stakeholders.

Impact Investors, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisory firm (CRD #289028) specializing in Sustainable, Responsible, Impact (SRI) investing. We provide individuals, families and organizations with a team-based, comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory service, by integrating our client's impact objectives with their financial goals into an overall wealth management strategy. Please review our Disclosures or Contact Us with questions. Copyright © 2020 Impact Investors. All rights reserved.