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Vision & Mission

Our Team

For nearly two decades working in this field, we continue to hold the vision of a society that is humane and sustainable. We imagine how that would be reflected in the economy and financial markets.

We believe that, by directing our investments with intention, we can make competitive financial returns in a prudent manner, while capitalizing companies and sectors to make a positive impact in the world.

We provide individuals, families and organizations with a team-based, comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory service, by integrating our client's impact objectives with their financial goals into an overall wealth management strategy.

Catherine Woodman
Principal Advisor

For nearly two decades, Catherine has provided individuals and families with socially responsible investment advisory and sustainable investment planning services, implementing financial strategies... read more

Shane Yonston
Principal Advisor

Shane has worked as a licensed financial advisor with a sole emphasis on socially responsible and impact investing for over seventeen years. He has a Masters degree in Personal Financial Planning... read more

Who are Impact Investors?

Many groups and individuals throughout history have decided to commit their capital to a cause, but the concept of earning a financial return on top of the benefits to the greater good, is a relatively new paradigm in mainstream portfolio management.


Religious organizations are perhaps the earliest leaders in this space, along with governments, pension funds and family foundations. Today however, there are thousands of students from across the country who are challenging their universities to divest from fossil fuels through the Responsible Endowments Coalition. Thousands of institutions managing over $70 trillion have signed the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment.

In its 2018 Trends Report, the US SIF cited that one out of every four dollars under professional management in the United States uses SRI strategies.

As the sector grows, impact investing is becoming more accessible to the average investor, opening doors to cutting edge strategies previously only available to the wealthiest families and institutions.

At Impact Investors we’re passionate about helping people reach their financial goals while making a positive impact in the world. Please join our community by following our blog or contact us to see how we might help you with your financial impact.


Ian McLeod

Senior Advisor

Ian has worked as a financial advisor specializing in socially responsible and impact investing for since 2004. He is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary™ and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™... read more


Max Shefte-Jacobs

Director of Client Services

Max has worked as a financial advisor’s assistant since 2014, and gained a wide set of skills in doing so. At work he enjoys being able to support his colleagues and helping them provide excellent cus... read more


Olivia Kinser

Client Service Specialist

Olivia is an extremely organized and dedicated financial services professional, accustomed to providing
exceptional customer service involving complex and sensitive transactions. Olivia's background in.... read more


Brad Gilbert

Lead Portfolio Manager

Brad has spent over twenty years trying to master the markets as both a passion and profession. From his first job at Ernst & Young to his most recent work as a Business Analyst for Union Bank, Brad has always... read more

Ken Jacobs

Advisory Board

With a background in public policy, public sector finance, and social activism, Ken spent 20 years as a financial planner specializing in Socially Responsible Investing, founding Sustainable World... read more

Linda Jacobs

Advisory Board

For more than thirty years Linda advised individuals, families, and small businesses around the country, helping them align their portfolios with their values through Socially Responsible Investments... read more