Vision & Mission

Principal Advisors

For nearly two decades leading in our field, we continue to hold the vision of a society that is sustainable and humane, imagining where capital needs to flow in our financial markets to help get us there.

We believe that, by directing our investments with intention, we can earn competitive financial returns capitalizing companies and sectors to make a positive impact in the world.

With all of that in mind, we serve responsible investors as fiduciaries, integrating their impact objectives and financial goals into an overall wealth management strategy, using a prudent and thoughtful process.


Asset Management Team

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Client Service Team


Across all asset classes in every account under our management, we integrate our client's investment intentions by adhering to their core impact criteria, engaging as shareowners, and seeking out high impact investment opportunities to fully activate the entire portfolio for real impact.

Our investment philosophy is founded in the dual mandate of achieving our client’s financial goals, as well as their social and environmental impact objectives. To satisfy this directive, we have developed an investment strategy and process that is unique in our industry.

Who are Impact Investors?

Many groups and individuals throughout history have decided to commit their capital to a cause, but the concept of earning a financial return on top of the benefits to the greater good, is a relatively new paradigm in mainstream portfolio management.


Religious organizations are perhaps the earliest leaders in this space, along with governments, pension funds and family foundations. Today however, there are thousands of students from across the country who are challenging their universities to divest from fossil fuels through the Responsible Endowments Coalition. Thousands of institutions managing over $70 trillion have signed the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment.

This is a booming field.

The USSIF, in its 2020 Trends Report, estimates that $17.1 trillion - or 1 in 3 dollars - of the total assets under professional management in the United States, is now trading with at least some consideration of the investment's social and environmental impact in the decision making process.

As the sector grows, impact investing is becoming more accessible to the average investor, opening doors to cutting edge strategies previously only available to the wealthiest families and institutions. At the same time, many ESG funds today look like thinly screened index funds, with thousands of holdings, including some questionable corporate citizens. In fact, the SEC is focusing on this very issue currently, and we believe additional regulation and standards will be an important and helpful development for the evolution of this industry.  

Board of Advisor Legends

We are all impact investors. 

The reality is, every investment has an impact and where we invest matters. What if we all invested with the intention of making a positive difference along with a financial return? How might the world be different? At Impact Investors, we're dedicated to finding out.